About ZekaDesign

We like clean, simple and practical design where the content speaks for itself

We work in English or Serbian, and don’t mind working with other languages too


We are Željko and Kate, two individuals who work alone, or with a wider team, to produce simple, effective and professional websites.

We specialise in WordPress based sites, custom templates, and clean user friendly designs.
Željko is our coder, working with the nuts and bolts of the site, meanwhile Kate is stronger with visual content and admin.

We work with other designers and artists, turning their sketches and graphics into working sites. We write original code rather than relying on plugin content, and make it our practice to ensure browser compatibility. We strive for simple site input for the user.
We’ll work face to face, over the phone calls, Skype conferences, Google document sharing, and e-mail.

While we are independent many of our projects are collaborations, some by request, others at our initiation. All sites shown below are with the owners permission.

If you would like us to provide you with a quote for a potential project, or have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


What we've done

Sunnyside Church
Auto kuca Holliday
Akerman Daly
The Tooting Broads
Pathways to Mindfulness
Pegaz centar
St Albans
London internet church
Mission Mummy
Jesus without language

What else we do

Maintenance only

Peter Spanton

Custom plugins

Restaurant bookings